Creating a Routine For Children With Eczema


For parents who have children with eczema, most days are spent moisturizing skin, protecting our children from triggers, preparing allergy-friendly foods, brainstorming creative recipes and/or simply researching better ways to manage eczema.

There is no denying that eczema is demanding, requiring a lot of attention. Some days can be extremely frustrating. There will be days when you lack motivation to prepare special meals or to moisturize your child’s skin several times a day. Recently I was thinking to myself that life would be so much easier if my daughter could eat whatever she wanted without breaking out. But the truth is, that is not our reality. Our reality is that she has eczema triggered by certain foods; managing it requires extra time and responsibility. It also requires a routine.

We have found a routine to be extremely helpful with managing our daughter’s eczema and reducing frustration. Below are 5 benefits of having a routine:

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I Am A Liar


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I was on the train headed home from work when a man approached me.

“Ma’am, do you have any spare change I can use to buy food?” He asked. I looked him directly in the eye and replied, “I’m sorry, I don’t have any cash on me.” This was not the truth. I had cash in my pocket, but I didn’t want to give it to the homeless man.

I watched him pass me by as he went on to the next person, petitioning for money to purchase food. Although he was soon out of sight, the thought of his request and my response to him lingered much longer. I shifted in my seat with discomfort as I thought to myself, I am a liar.

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Shame Undone!

fight to protect our children

“As earthly parents, we are limited in our efforts to protect our children from unseen danger and discomfort.  ” 

Relatives visited from out of state this past weekend. On Saturday, I left my daughter with trusted babysitters and enjoyed a much needed moms’ night out. It was such a memorable night, full of contagious laughter and joie de vivre, a night I will never forget.

Before leaving home, my husband (who had also planned to go out with his friends) and I prepped the two babysitters, providing them with tools for a successful night. We made sure that Grace was well fed and asleep in her room upon our departure. We were confident that she would sleep through the night without waking, as this is her normal routine. However, I was astounded by what I witnessed when I returned home after my moms’ night out. It made me regret leaving my child behind. It made my heart ache.

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Slowing Down The Anxious, Overworked and Tired Self


The way you spend your time tells a great deal about what you value and who you care about. 

The dishes have piled up. Dirty laundry is abundant. Toys are scattered across the floor. Dinner needs to be prepared. My toddler is crying out for me to simply hold her. My husband is frustrated at my lack of attentiveness.

Less than a month ago, I experienced a major shift in my life, one in which I had hoped for, but was not truly prepared to manage. I launched my blog and started a new full-time job as part of the administrative staff for a residential home all in one day! I went from being a stay-at-home mom and wife for 15 months to working 50 plus hours a week outside of the home.

I was excited to work hard. My husband had held down the fort as the sole breadwinner for over a year and now it was my time to get back out into the workforce. I desired to prove myself as a wife, mother, blogger and new employee. I wanted to demonstrate that I was capable of excelling in every area of my life. Somehow in my mind, I convinced myself that overworking would boost my level of value and importance.

Except it didn’t.

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