The Benefits of Meal Planning


Good morning!

Just three short weeks ago when my husband returned to work full-time, I decided to make a plan- a meal plan, to be exact. When my husband was home, he would prepare most of our dinners during the week. My only job was to eat his home cooked meals and help with the dishes. I could do that. But now that our schedules have changed and I am the one home closest to dinner time, I am responsible for preparing most of our meals.

There’s just one problem- I do not like cooking, especially not in the summertime. I absolutely dread it. It’s too hot and I never desire to cook anything that I have in the fridge/cabinets. If I had my choice, I would seriously order tacos and pizza every night, but we all know that’s not healthy or realistic (chuckling). So I had to come up with a plan to motivate myself to cook.

I decided to start meal planning and I am quite surprised at the following benefits.

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Begin Again!


Good morning friends!

What a joy it is to sit and write to you all. I have missed you dearly. It has been an entire month since the last time I published on Courage From Within. I have had several followers reach out to check on me. Thank you for your continous love and support. I want you all to know that I am doing well. July was a really challening month for me. During the month of July, I experienced loss, wrestled deeply with the racial tension in our nation, doubted my ability to write and experienced a major transtion at home with my husband returning to work full-time (huge praise!).

I have learned that when challening situations or difficult transitions occur in my life, I tend to just STOP. I stop living and doing what I enjoy most; like writing, spending quality time with friends, and connecting deeply with people. I run and hide like a turtle tucked in it’s shell. But today, I chose to begin again! This is not just a commitment to start writing and publishing again, but a commitment to connect, to be present, to live out my dreams with freedom and passion, despite the blows life throws.

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