13 Strategies For Moms Who Are In School (Part 2)

Good evening, mamas and friends!

Welcome to Part 2 of 13 Strategies for Moms Who Are In School. Today, I want to share the remaining six strategies with you in hopes that they will offer support for moms who are balancing school, family, marriage, and other responsibilities. Again, I want to reiterate that this is not a “Do More,” “Be Better,” or “Do Better” list. These are merely suggestions that may be helpful for moms who are in school.

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13 Strategies For Moms Who Are In School (Part 1)


I was driving home from class one evening and instantly burst into tears. Feelings of exhaustion, inadequacy, and doubt swept over me. Why had I chosen to go back to school? Is being married, having a full-time job, managing my personal blog, and chasing my two-year-old around not enough? Who do I think I am? Didn’t I just have a mental breakdown several months ago after returning to school, which lead to me having to take 4 quarters off? How will I do it? I don’t have the capacity. I am not smart enough. I do not have time. I am tired and I am only one week in. I cried and I cried and I cried.

Moments later, I received a very encouraging text from my pastor that stopped me right in the middle of my pity party.

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