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Kick off your shoes, grab a snack, sink yourself deep into your seat and ready your heart to hear stories of a woman who found courage from within herself during times of depression, financial strain, loss and uncertainty. These stories are not meant to invite pity or shame. These stories are defining moments that sprung forth an unprecedented resiliency. My hope is to inspire women who face struggles to embrace their stories, cry, laugh and share so that others can find courage to carry on. Do not let fear or hardships KEEP you STUCK. The only way to not get your feet tangled in the dance of despair is to live fearlessly on purpose. This does not mean that you will not have fears. This means that when you encounter fear, you will set goals and become intentional about OVERCOMING and wowing yourself by doing something you didn’t think you could do. I once read on a billboard, “Do something everyday that scares you.” I echo similar words by saying, “Find courage from within, everyday, to do something that challenges you.”