Creating a Routine For Children With Eczema


For parents who have children with eczema, most days are spent moisturizing skin, protecting our children from triggers, preparing allergy-friendly foods, brainstorming creative recipes and/or simply researching better ways to manage eczema.

There is no denying that eczema is demanding, requiring a lot of attention. Some days can be extremely frustrating. There will be days when you lack motivation to prepare special meals or to moisturize your child’s skin several times a day. Recently I was thinking to myself that life would be so much easier if my daughter could eat whatever she wanted without breaking out. But the truth is, that is not our reality. Our reality is that she has eczema triggered by certain foods; managing it requires extra time and responsibility. It also requires a routine.

We have found a routine to be extremely helpful with managing our daughter’s eczema and reducing frustration. Below are 5 benefits of having a routine:

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Eczema: Food & Skin Care Resource Guide


We were completely caught off guard when our daughter was diagnosed with acute eczema. My husband and I did not know the first thing about managing eczema.

Sure, we knew what the pediatrician told us: “Lessen baths, apply steroid creams, and keep the skin moisturized with Aquaphor.” But what happens when this plan does not work?  What happens when you find out your child’s skin condition is a result of severe food sensitivities? What happens when you are required to eliminate the top 8 allergens from your diet? What happens when you can no longer use certain detergents and cleaning supplies, because they make your child itch and ooze? What do you do? Here you are, required to change so much, all at once, with no clue where to start. Trust me, I know the feeling all too well. It is overwhelming and incredibly stressful. So, why not start here. Continue reading

Eczema: Eliminating the Top 8 Allergens and More


To be honest with you, I had never heard of the term Atopic Dermatitis until my daughter was diagnosed during her 3 month well care visit. Never in a million years did I or my husband expect to experience such grief and turmoil from this skin condition. It cost us many sleepless nights, lots of money, countless tears, and major frustration.

Atopic Dermatitis, also known as eczema, is a skin condition that causes the skin to become inflamed and itchy when exposed to a triggering substance. Some people experience mild symptoms, and others, more severe symptoms. In our case, our daughter experienced acute symptoms.

In order to help relieve our daughter’s discomfort, we were informed by our pediatrician to apply steroid cream, lessen baths, and keep the skin moisturized. This is just what we did; to our surprise, our daughter’s skin condition worsened. We went back to the pediatrician several times, and at one point, the emergency room. NO ONE was able to offer helpful solutions or explain what was happening to our daughter.

Her skin (head to toe) was red, itchy, swollen, discolored, flaky, and extremely dry. There were a few occasions where we would find our daughter covered in blood due to scratching herself incessantly.
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